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xAPI gives LMSs a way to see more about learners than ever before.



You have an LMS, but it could be more useful and more powerful if it could track experiences across many systems. To use xAPI in an LMS, you need to add a Learning Record Store to it. Adding an LRS to your system allows your customers to have a much better understanding of their learners.

Our LRS is software that is added to an existing system. It entirely takes care of the xAPI piece of the equation (the hard part) and allows for products to have their own Experience API implementations. It can be locally installed on your servers, or you can choose a cloud/hosted integration.

Our Installed LRS

Experience API engine

  • The best xAPI conformance available, from the people that invented the specification.
  • Our LRS implements every bit of the Experience API for you. You never have to touch the specification.
  • xAPI Console — your window to your LRS implementation. It’s a place where you see all xAPI communication, debug it, and understand it. This is where you manage all xAPI related data.
  • Statement Viewer — a stream of every xAPI statement that’s being delivered to your LRS.
  • Authentication Manager — xAPI statements come from all sorts of people and places. The Authentication Manager makes it easy to accept statements from only those that you trust.
  • Import and launch xAPI courses the same way you import and launch SCORM & AICC courses.
  • Convert old and new SCORM and AICC registrations to xAPI statements and customize the statements to match your own reporting structure.
  • Intercept and refuse statements. You control which statements are allowed to be saved into your LRS. This allows you to enforce guidelines for content vendors.
  • Statement forwarding between any 2 LRSs.
  • Multi tenant support. Separate databases for each of your customers and give each customer their own unique TCAPI endpoint.
  • Notify your application whenever a statement is stored.

Engine is a great alternative to building your own LRS, because you can include it in your product and because building your own LRS is really hard.