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The World Just Changed

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Categories: Adopters, Announcements, Events, News, Spec Effort, Standards, xAPI

Posted 26 April 2013


The floodgates are open. It’s time to celebrate. The Experience API, version 1.0, is here today.

It was almost three years ago when ADL asked the e-learning community to help them with research to create a new, simpler, more powerful e-learning standard. E-learning standards are what we do, so of course we jumped at the opportunity.

The result was Project Tin Can, which resulted in the Tin Can API. We wrote the first version of the API, version 0.8, then handed it over to ADL and a vibrant open community.

Today it looks like a few guys in Nashville, TN (and a few stragglers up North) managed to transform our slice of the world.

Learning isn’t going to be tracked the same way that it has been. You want to know more about learners than just “someone completed a course” or “someone scored 98% on an test”. You want to be able to track activities that take place outside of an LMS, like serious games, mobile apps, group projects, conferences, simulations and so much more. You want to be able to correlate real-world performance with training data. And, you want all of this learning and performance data to live in one system.

The Experience API makes all of this a reality.

Already about 60 products/companies have adopted beta versions of the spec. Now is the time when the rest of the industry joins in.

  • Chris Elkin

    Congratulations and well done on your hard work and commitment to the cause. We’ll be forever in your debt!

  • Congrats! Big day. Can’t wait to see what this enables!

  • Happy Launch Day! So looking forward to what we all do with this over next few months and years. Great job.

  • Congrats! Great job to all involved, we are very excited by the possibilities from this!

  • Pete LeDoux

    Nice job guys. The future will be exciting!

  • CONTRATULATIONS, MIKE! SO excited to be partnering with you!

  • Congratulations from the European Learning Industry Group
    Fabrizio Cardinali, Chair

  • Nadav Kavalerchik

    Beautiful News! Just saw it was implemented as a Moodle plugin too ( And I am looking forward to see how it is used by the Teachers outside of the LMS too.

  • Dracolex

    Congragulations from Dracolex! I remember the time when you first announce project xAPI 🙂

  • Congratulations! We’re loving working with TinCan at myCoracle.

  • Incredible time for distance education. New era was born. Congratulations guys.

  • Susan Cox

    this is fantastic for so many industries wher education is a core part of their development, marketing and education processes.